Family executed and exiled from her home, Kitana seeks revenge on those that caused her torment


5 Hexblade
Lesser Aasimar Dragonborn
Size/Type: Medium Outsider(dragonblood)


STR 16
DEX 12
CON 20
INT 16
WIS 11
CHA 20

HP: 61/61
AC: 17 (10 +5 +1 +1)
BAB: +5
Grapple: +8

Fort: 9 (4 +5) ( +5 spell/spell-like)
Refl: 2 (1 +1) ( +5 spell/spell-like)
Will: 4 (4 +0) ( +5 spell/spell-like)

Skills: 48/48
Bluff 10 (5 +5)
Concentration 7 (5 +2)
Diplomacy 12 (3 +5 +4)
Gather Information 9 (4 +5)
Intimidate 13 (6 +5 +2)
Knowledge(Arcana) 6 (3 +3)
Knowledge(History) 8 (5 +3)
Knowledge(Nobility&Royalty) 8 (5 +3)
Profession(Sailor) 0 (0 +0)
Perception 5 (3 +0 +2)
Search 1 (0 +0 +1)
Spellcraft 10 (8 +3)
Use Magic Device 10 (5 +5)
Use Rope 3 (1 +2)

Skill Tricks: 0/48

Weapon: Howling Dragonfang Great Katana, +8, 2d6 +4 +1 sonic, 19-20×2

Armor: Silver Dragonhide Breastplate, +5 AC, -3 ACP
[Fins, Resist 2 Cold]
Clothing: Hydration Suit

Shield: Buckler, +1 AC

Gold: 9st 9cp

Belt Pouch
Hydration Suit
Potion of Endure Elements
Potion of Cure Light Wounds
Filter Mask
Sun Lenses
Blanket (Winter)
Rope, Silk (50ft)
Grappling Hook
Waterskin x2
Locket worth 20g (Comfort Object)


-2 Dex, +2 Con, +2 Cha (Racial)
+2 Dodge Bonus to AC vs creatures of the dragon type
Immunity to Frightful Presence
Draconic Aspect: Wings (Ex)
Hexblade’s Curse (3 +CHA per day)
Arcane Resistance
Dark Companion
Bonus Feat (Netherese Battle Curse)

Heat Endurance
Power Attack
Ability Focus(Hex)
Netherese Battle Curse

Comfort Object (locket)

Spell Level ((Known/Per Day/Remaining))
> 1st Level((2/2/2)): Disguise Self, Expeditious Retreat


Kitana was brought up in a house of fallen nobility, her family being Aasimar. A rarity, her Aasimar ancestors had settled in the area and eventually reached the status of nobility in the pre-war era. Having been one of the few survivors following, the family began attempting to adjust to the new conditions set about by the magic apocalypse. Along with the other survivors of the area, a new settlement was created nearby with the focus of harvesting what wood remained out of the petrified forest. This brought the settlement a steady generation of income and allowed it to expand. Her family was well known among the citizens, along with two other families that helped organize this establishment.

Years passed, and Kitana was introduced to the world. Raised with proper noble etiquette and helping with the lumber trade gave her both social prowess and physical conditioning. She continued to help out like this as her family became known, inside and out of the settlement. For some reason though, Kitana was plagued by unexpected accidents. Nobody was quite sure why, though a few of the townsfolk began to associate her presence with bad luck. This eventually led to a certain group learning of the family and their celestial background, who became intrigued as to the effects of the magic in celestial blood on recent experiments they had been attempting. They started a thorough investigation of the family, watching their movements and spying on their personal activities. Through this they had discovered that Kitana’s family had been trying to relearn old divine magic that was thought lost, ways to create food and water.

After their magical practices were exposed, her family was held at trial. An unforgiving community for the use of magic, her parents were publicly executed while Kitana and her brother were handed over to the group that exposed her family’s folly for a bit of ‘reformation.’ Eventually landing in one of their main research facilities, the two siblings were subject to a number of experiments ranging from seemingly harmless to excruciatingly painful. With the whole of their results, the group decided to use Kitana as the subject for the process all of this research was to be used for: harnessing the power of the dragonborn.

Some days passed after the process before Kitana regained consciousness. When she finally did come to, she found that her left arm had taken on a draconic appearance. A pain on her back prompted her to try and look, and she found wings appearing to originate from under her. Not being able to escape, she came to accept the transformation and was considered the first marginal success by her captors. She became something akin to a prized pet after that, staying unharmed and well kept but captive and denied freedoms most people enjoy, including losing track of the sibling that had been taken there with her. They continued to collect data on her as time passed by.

Her chance for escape appeared some time later, a group known to oppose the dragon cult had gained information on the base’s location and did a swift, unexpected strike on the facility overnight. Kitana used this confusion to escape her prison, grabbing as many possessions as she could from their armory and storage areas. She also managed to grab a small collection of silver dragonhide before the attackers found her. Initially wary due to her appearance, this new group took her as a prisoner under the assumption that she was loyal to the cult.

After some effort proving their suspicions false, Kitana was accepted into Requiem. Learning of their goals and opposition to the dragon cult she had been captured by recently, she was motivated to get involved and help bring the cult down. With this, her training as a hexblade began. Kitana was made aware of her innate talent by one of Requiem’s sorcerers, who gave her some basic training in the arcane arts as she began to learn how to control her talents. In time she began to shape into a formidable opponent, harnessing the ability to bring misfortune down upon her foes while her physical conditioning from helping with the lumber trade aided her combat prowess. She attempted getting used to her wings, though she was still unable to use them for more than gliding.

After some time with Requiem, she was tasked to aid a peculiar individual – a living cactus, travelling around as a paladin of righteousness. He had agreed to aid her on a task involving taking out a group of the cultists plaguing a nearby area, and from that point they’ve been working together. Ramirez driven by his need to purge the lands of evil, and Kitana driven by revenge while seeking out her brother, the two continued to deliver swift, sweet justice to the scourge of the cult. Kitana eventually found someone to craft the dragonhide she had obtained into a set of armor, and the two of them both happened across a stash of bones from a howling dragon that were in possession of the cultists. They had these crafted into weapons, and found the results satisfactory. We leave off with the two heading to pick up a cloudskate to ease their travels.


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