Notes About the Game

Setting- 300yrs after a magical war occurred rendering almost the entire known world into a desert like state. Even though life is just at the start of adapting to this new world, people and creatures are still far from thriving. Clean water and good food is very hard to come by and because of the war many people have taken a distrust to mages, even those who worship divine entities. The people are mostly tolerant of them in the larger settlements but in many of the smaller communities mages are not welcome. These places have been known to gather and kill the mages. Life in this arid wasteland is still about surviving for most, but there are a few who have adapted well enough to explore the ruins of the old world where dangerous things begin to stir.

Basic rules- Characters are allowed one magic item at character creation with normal rules about wealth applying. Certain items such as potions and oils do not count against this limit.

Any spell that can create large amounts of water or food is banned to PCs at the start of the game. These spells have since become lost and no one is willing to spend time to research these spells since there are more important matters to attend to and anyone who still holds these secrets isn’t telling anyone. Also any magic item that does the same is banned to the PCs at the start and such knowledge about said items is also generally lost.

Certain weapon properties maybe bought as non magical variants but must be done so at the weapons creation. They also still count as the normal +1 or +2 modifier. These properties are: Flaming, Frost, Shock, Acid, Keen, Merciful, Throwing. The elemental properties are special materials that have since come about due to magical waste left over from the war. The others are special ways that the weapons have been crafted however, keen and merciful can’t be don’t together. Neither can the elements be put on the same weapon with the special materials. However baring those two restrictions they can be mixed and matched. The shadowed and silent moves armor properties can also be bought as special ways the armor was designed. If players have any other properties that they are curious about that are not listed, ask the DM.

Certain skills will be combine or changed. Hide and Move silently will become Stealth as well as spot and listen will be combined into Perception. Open lock will be moved into disable device. Instead of using diplomacy as written in the PHB, we will be using the Persuasion rules found on the GiantITP site, found here:

Magic Can Mess Up the Environment- Because of the war certain areas of the world have become screwed up due to magic. Some areas will cause magic to have random effects and others have rendered magic completely void and some can even magnify the effects of magic. These areas can both be dangerous for some and be a safe haven for others.

Environmental Hazards- In most games the players and DM disregard the need to keep track of rations and water. This campaign will work slightly different. I won’t have the players keep track of how much they are eating or the weight of it, but I will have them specify how many days worth of rations they are bringing along on the trip. This is to help keep the feel of the setting and if it doesn’t work out then we can drop it later. I may still have them pay for the rations since supplies will still be hard to come by, however the rations will not go bad. Food can be explained away as different ways of preserving it, such as jerky, and water can just be boiled to remove anything that might hurt a person.

Alignment- The alignment system in D&D doesn’t quite work the way it’s supposed to, so I’m just going to throw it out and have no system. For most classes and things this won’t affect matters. For those that do we will do the following. Paladins will not be nearly as restricted as they once were but they still have to be a good person. For things like monk, they will need to have a personal code that they follow. Doesn’t have to be long or detailed, but such that your character will follow it and won’t break that code if they can help it. Almost any other class can get away without alignment but those that need to be address can be at a later date.

Religion- Religion is still around in the wastes even after the war. Religion in this setting will operate similar to how Eberon does where clerics still get there spells from praying, but the gods have never made themselves know and no one knows if the gods exist or not.

Planes- Any spell having to do with planar travel does not exist, however the summon lines of spells still do. It is really uncertain as to whether or not other planes exist. Even though extra-planar creatures can be summoned, their descriptions of their homes are usually vague or extremely abstract so as to not be of any help. Also these beings, even though some of them are supposedly servants of gods, do nothing to shed light on the question of whether gods exist. Most of them don’t even know themselves. Due to the nature of the extra planar beings, some people have come to believe that they actually come from the material plane, but are merely physical representations of certain aspects of the world, such as good or evil or nature. No one has yet been able to figure out the truth and in these times no one is trying.

Economics- As the world moves forward, the economy of old did not survive. The trading of coins made from precious metals is no longer done since gold doesn’t have a use any more and silver is barely used at all. In the bigger cities steel pieces have replaced silver since steel is still a very useful metal and copper too, still occupies the same spot it once did. In smaller villages and settlements though trading through coin is usually not done since those people usually don’t travel. Instead most things are handled through barter of goods or services that they may need.

To Burn for All Eternity

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